The Little Ladybug

Telling Children “No”

We as parents tell are children “no” for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is to protect them. We also tell our kids “no” for many other reasons, but the reason I am referring to today is for their own protection. We tell them “no”, you can’t run into the street by yourself, or no you can’t climb on the roof, no you can’t eat all that candy at once, ect.  There are so many reasons why we tell our children “no”.  From my experience, the main reaosns I tell my children “no” is to keep them safe. It is a means of protecting them from harm. I find myself saying the word “no” so many times through out the day and one day my boy asked me why I say “no” sometimes.  I came to the realization that it is for his protection.  I know more than he does about life and the things that can hurt him. Once I explained it to him, he understood.  There are some wonderful books out there to help make it easier for parents to explain why we tell children “no”.  For some toddlers or young children it is difficult to explain, so picture books are a great way of aiding in the process of explaining “no” to them.  My book “The Little Ladybug” Life’s Little Lessons: Series is a great book that does just that.  It teaches young children a fun and great way to learn why we parents say “no”.

The Little Ladybug Book

The Little Ladybug Book


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